The Vision of Veritas

by veritastheology on May 16, 2012

Our guiding statement is simple: “Challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe.” Come see how we take those words and put them into action. You can also view our statement of faith, our vision for the future, and learn more about our founder, Jerry Robinson.

Current Teaching Series

by mshemon on May 16, 2012

The Book of Daniel: An Online Verse by Verse Bible Study Start Date: TBA Description: In this upcoming Bible teaching series, we will explore the ancient Biblical text of the book of Daniel. This wonderful book is full of history, prophecy, and miraculous stories. Our teaching approach to this text will be verse by verse. We […]

Veritas Store

by veritastheology on May 16, 2012

Come browse our growing collection of teaching series on a wide variety of Biblical and theological topics. In addition to our webinar series, we also have books, DVD’s, and other products.

Kingdom Way Radio Show

by mshemon on May 16, 2012

Kingdom Way Radio Show – Episode 1

by veritastheology on January 28, 2013

Kingdom Way Radio Show with Jerry Robinson - Seeking First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness

The Kingdom Way Radio Show with Jerry Robinson The Kingdom Way Radio Show with Jerry Robinson

In this first episode of the Kingdom Way Radio, Jerry Robinson introduces the show and explains the topics that will covered in the future.

Genesis 1: Commentary

by veritastheology on October 10, 2012

The Creation of the World 1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Commentary: The majestic appeal of this opening phrase resonates within mankind. Despite our desperation and our collective shame, these words ring true even in the darkest of hearts. There is no wavering or doubt in this glorious pronouncement of God’s creative […]

Unveiling Islam Teaching Series

by veritastheology on May 4, 2012

UNVEILING ISLAM: Video Teaching Series

Genesis 1 – Commentary

by veritastheology on April 16, 2012

  Below is a working commentary by Jerry Robinson.  This particular commentary will delve into the first twelve chapters of the book of Genesis. This commentary is a verse-by-verse study and will be updated as time permits. (Unless otherwise indicated, all verses are taken from the New King James Version.)  

Unveiling Islam: Lesson #4 Notes

by veritastheology on March 1, 2012

Unveiling Islam  Lesson #4 Notes

Unveiling Islam – Video Teaching Series

by veritastheology on February 14, 2012

View “Unveiling Islam” Video Teaching Series Now!