The Vision of Veritas

by veritastheology on May 16, 2012

Our guiding statement is simple: “Challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe.” Come see how we take those words and put them into action. You can also view our statement of faith, our vision for the future, and learn more about our founder, Jerry Robinson.

What Does Veritas Mean?

Veritas is a latin word.

When translated to the English language, it means “truth.” It is also where we get the English word, “verify.”

What is Veritas Theology All About?

The word “truth” pretty much sums up what Veritas Theology is all about.

All we want is the truth, in all of its beauty, and even in its often not-so-pretty details.

But before we continue in our quest for truth, we should probably ask the all important question: What is “truth?”

The man who was entrusted with the weighty question of what to do with Jesus of Nazareth amid the maniacal crowds once asked this same question. (Luke 18:38)

In today’s world, there are many voices in the wind claiming to have the answer to this important question.

But who can we really trust?

Some say religion holds all of life’s answers, but anyone with a basic understanding of religion’s role in world history would quickly take issue with that idea.

Others say that truth can be found in philosophy or in a deep dive into academia.

Still others believe that truth can only be found by looking “within.” That is, within our own beings.

Then there are those who say that their is no singular truth. Instead, truth is relative, or even unimportant in the real scheme of things.

Who is right? And how can we be sure?

If you have ever asked yourself those questions, welcome home. is not a website. It is a community of real people, just like you, who are seeking answers to life’s most pressing questions. No one in the Veritas community has all of the answers. Far from it. We believe that overconfidence in aimless dogma breeds religious tyrants. Each of us have been slammed by life and humbled too many times to not recognize that there is a divine mystery at work. Yet, it is amid that mystery that truth emerges.

One thing that we do share in common is that the truth that we are seeking begins with a man.

His name is Jesus Christ.

We do not believe this because we have been told. We refuse to settle for an answer to such a vital question to our own being based on someone else’s word.

The statistics speak for themselves. Most professing believers in Christ believe what their pastor believes. Their faith is their pastor’s faith. Or their parent’s faith. Most professing believers in Christ today do not really know what they believe, let alone why they believe it.

As a community of truth-seeking individuals, we refuse to accept this status quo. We are not satisfied to go to church on Sundays, visit with friends, and pay off the pastor by tossing money in the bucket after he “performs” for us.

Instead, we approach this man, Jesus Christ, with a trembling hand and a deep and reverent fear.

If he is who he claims to be, then the answers that we are seeking cannot be far away.

How is Veritas Theology Different?

We approach Jesus Christ personally and corporately through our teachings. We approach the stories about Christ, as found in the Holy Bible, not through the lens of children’s Bible stories where everyone lives happily ever after.

We approach the hard sayings of the Bible without fear of reprisal. In our teachings, we boldly confront the uncomfortable questions that many church leaders sidestep to save face.

Instead, we embrace the theological tensions that arise during our probings because we understand that they will not go away just because we attempt to ignore them.

Put simply, our teachings are not designed to get God “off of the hook.”

If this sounds like a community that you would like to become a part of, we welcome you, just as you are.

Let’s explore the depths of this man Jesus Christ and his sayings together.

Let’s re-read, or perhaps read for the first time, the stories of scripture that we think that we already know.

Many people approach scripture with preconceived notions and a head full of dogma that was injected into them by someone else. You will be surprised what the scriptures really say when you allow them to speak for themselves.

If this sounds intriguing, keep reading to learn more about us.

What is the Mission of Veritas Theology?

“Challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe.”

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